Why You Need to Use A QR Code For Your Restaurants Menu

Are you a restaurant owner who is determined to survive and still grow your business despite the drastic changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic?

Modern technology has always been a big part of innovation to business owners and it’s no different for restauranteurs. Especially in these times that we’re in right now, with new restrictions in place, and where health and safety is the utmost priority, we turn to modern technology to help us innovate and still make owning a restaurant business possible, and even sustainable. 

Creating a QR code menu is among the current trends for restaurants prioritizing safety and convenience over traditional methods.. Switching from paper menus to contactless QR Code menus is the new normal for restaurants for significant reasons.

What Is a QR Code Menu?

Having a quick response (QR) code menu means putting your restaurant menu in a digital platform accessible for your customers using their smartphones. Your customers can easily see your menu by scanning the QR code without touching a physical piece of paper.

Why Do You Need to Use a QR Code Manu?

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has become more than a global health emergency, it forced significant and urgent changes in individuals’ daily lives and, most significantly, business owners. 

One of the most effective and common measures to stop this virus’s spread is to avoid contact with people. Who? Everyone! 

To curb the spread of the pandemic, the World Health Organization (WHO) issued guidelines to stop the spread of COVID-19 through surfaces. As a restaurant owner, this might be easier said than done. Given that one of the main purposes of restaurants is to have a venue for social interactions.

One of the best ways restaurant owners went around this and helped prevent the spread of this virus is to adopt a contactless way of doing your business. 

For restaurants, the menu is the most touched item in your store. Every customer will look at your menu to order. Most government and health regulating bodies recommend using single-use technology such as the QR code menu to avoid physical contact on surfaces that are potential carriers of the virus.

This way, you are not just keeping your diners safe from the virus but you are also protecting your business’s most valuable assets, your employees. 

Having readily available QR code menus on each table limits the interaction between customers and waiters. Plus, your diners will be much comfortable looking at your menu if no waiter is standing by their side, waiting for them to take their orders.

Even before this pandemic and this new normal, the use of the QR codes has already been beneficial for restaurants.

Below are some of the top reasons why you should have a QR Code Menu for your restaurant:

1: Cost-Efficient 

Most restaurants were shut down during the outbreak of the pandemic and struggled to survive the new normal. Most of them resulted in bankruptcy, others to lay off employees, and mostly undergo cost-cutting measures. 

Aside from complying with the new regulations for restaurant operations adopting this contact-less QR code menu for your restaurant is much easier and less expensive than printing thousands of single-use paper menu for each of your diners.

Using a QR code menu will cost you a small monthly fee and gives you unlimited copies of your menu. You don’t have to spend on reprinting new menus and disposal of obsolete menus every time there are changes on the menu.

2: Easy-Access for Diners

Paper menus can be easily damaged or lost if you put them outside your store for customers to look at it before entering your restaurant. 

Putting a QR code menu at the entrance of your restaurant can attract diners looking for a place to eat and for non-diners who were passing by and scanned your QR code menu as takehome for future orders and dining needs.

It is also best for restaurants to have their menus on their websites. You can display your full menus on your website and promote them on social media using your QR code menu. You don’t have to post social media promos with lengthy menus; just a sneak peek of your best dishes and a QR code that they can scan to see your full menu.

3: Neat-Looking Restaurants

QR code menus can be printed on small pieces of paper, which saves you space. You don’t have to clutter your restaurant with big menus covering your walls and restaurant entrance. 

You can also put your QR code menu on the cocktail menus, coasters, small but visible spaces, and even on your receipts. You don’t have to make efforts and worry about carrying multiple large-sized papers for diners asking for your menus because it’s already right in front of them.

4: Easy to Create and Customize

Creating and updating your QR menu for your restaurant does not require highly-technical skills; it’s self-service. You can do the menu creation and editing process, and have a lot of flexibility that makes your digital menus very convenient.

Creating a QR code menu is as easy as clicking and dragging. You can upload your menu on your website and click to generate your QR code menu. It’s not a complicated process. 

You can avoid a customer craving for your meal only to find out that it is not available. You can update your menu in real time so that only the available meals are being ordered and served. 

But suppose you’re still not that confident to create your QR code menu properly, you can use QR code generating plugins like the EatsWP plugin

EatsWP plugin is a WordPress plugin developed by Immerseus E-Learning for restaurants and takeaways to help them build their menus in Gutenberg and then create a QR code menu for easy access by customers.

With the EatsWP plugin, you can create a menu entirely in Gutenberg. It allows you to customize your section menu with headings, change the colors and basic stuff, add pricing on each meal, include pictures, and highlight a menu item as “new” or “popular” with a badge. 

After you are satisfied with your menu design, you can generate a QR code on a per menu basis in just a few clicks.

5: More Use Than Just a Piece of Paper

Most restaurants don’t add logos, images, and promos on their paper menus to save space and printing costs. They maximized their menu with only the list of meals and their corresponding prices.

Your QR code can showcase many more details than just your regular menu. It allows you to promote your brand, include your logo, highlight new promos and discounts, and boost engagement with your more digitally inclined customers. 

Get Started With Your QR code Menu.

The present technology has transformed the way the public access information. Using QR codes for different purposes has now become more practical than ever before.

Your QR code menu is a valuable tool for your restaurant. With this, you provide your customers with convenience in choosing and taking their orders while saving on printing costs and time. 

QR codes menu also limits interaction and exposure between your diners and your staff. This way, you are promoting hygiene and sanitation and avoid the risk of physical contact in passing the menu from one diner to another. 

By making restaurant menus easy to create and access, neat, and multi-purpose, your QR code has become your great ally in providing your customers with a hospitable environment and safe and hygienic dining experience. Get started with EatsWP today!